Results of the Hearthstone Competition 2018 were presented at the CIG 2018 in Maastricht. We congratulate the winners of this years competition and hope to see you all back in next years competition.

The slides of the evaluation presentation at the CIG 2018 can be downloaded here:

Evaluation Slides International Competition


Ranking: Premade Deck Playing Track:

  1. Max Frick, Ünal Akkaya
  2. Pablo Garcia-Sanchez, Alberto Tonda
  3. Kai Bornemann
  4. Hans-Marin Wulfmeyer
  5. Ivan Prymak, Milena Malysheva
  • Total submissions: 33


Ranking: User Created Deck Playing Track:

  1. Lars Wagner
  2. Max Frick, Ünal Akkaya
  3. Kai Bornemann
  4. Christian Wustrau
  5. Simon Schröer
  • Total submissions: 17